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MaiaSpace started in 2019 as ArianeWorks, a tactical development team assigned by CNES and ArianeGroup to reinvent and transform the way that the legacy European-based space industry was innovating.

We spent years of incubation work, developing tailormade methods and processes for accelerated agile improvement, testing new technologies, launching new partnerships, and supporting smallsat and space mobility providers. The result is a strongly held common belief : by using the best of both worlds, combining start-up disruptive agility with proven legacy excellence, we ensure space becomes a major enabler for a better and more sustainable life on Earth.

Today, MaiaSpace leverages European technical know-how through a unique combination of expertise, experience and talent from a diverse industrial, professional and cultural background with the single aim of providing affordable, innovative and more sustainable space mobility solutions.

We are looking for talent that aims high, is passionate about technology, and wants to be part of a team transforming the potential of space, serving changing market needs, whilst contributing to a better and more sustainable life on Earth.