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Test Engineer

  • Vernon, Normandie
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Job description

🚀 MaiaSpace is a European space tech company designing, operating and commercializing space transportation solutions for small spacecrafts. We are driven by the belief that space stands as a major enabler for a better and more sustainable life on Earth. Our first and primary focus is on prototyping a reusable small launcher, building upon technologies and capabilities that bridge Newspace agility and Legacy space know-how. We are open-minded, transparent, pragmatic, result oriented and definitely people centric. 🚀

Test engineer

Requesting and monitoring the testing of stage specimens or prototypes, responsible for the configuration of the integrated and instrumented test specimen, risk management and technical and programming interface with test production, monitoring campaigns and inter-firing operations, in an agile organisation (lean factory).

- Participate in the definition of test objectives, define the scope of the campaign

  • Collects and clarifies test requirements and organises the campaign into individual tests
  • Define the objectives of the test plan in the ED (test request), contribute to the establishment of sequences and monitoring
  • Collects the measurement requirements, arbitrates where necessary, and submits the measurement request to the entity responsible for carrying out the tests.

- Manages safety/security issues and risk analyses on behalf of Maiaspace, in the ad hoc bodies of the entity responsible for carrying out the tests

- Contributes to the analysis of the configuration of the test model and the test installation

  • Monitors the production and integration of the model to be tested with regard to its compatibility with the test objectives and safety rules
  • Presents the conformity and the treatment of deviations during key points of the "Test Readiness Review" type.

- Monitors the integration of the model on the test installation and deals with anomalies (or has them dealt with)

  • Pilots any changes to the configuration, writes the implementation specifications (SMO) or amends the test objectives where necessary, with the Maiaspace teams requesting the changes
  • Updates the configuration of the test model after the end of the tests, on return to the Maiaspace facilities.

- Assists the firing director (TD) with live firing in the event of an anomaly, and is the Maiaspace decision-maker for interrupting the test or modifying it live.

- Coordinates the provision of measured data for level 1 operation

- Carries out analyses after level 0 tests

- Organises campaign feedback and coordinates the drafting of the campaign test report

Job requirements

🛾 Background and Skills

  • Master degree or equivalent in aerospace engineering
  • 3 years experience of professional experience in the field
  • Customer focus and commitment
  • Team spirit, sharing and solidarity
  • Rigour and precision

🎬 Working at MaiaSpace

You will be joining a friendly multi-disciplinary team, comprised of multi-skilled people, following Agile and Scrum methodologies. This means that your role and responsibility may evolve over time with varied assignments and challenges depending on priorities and competences. Your work will be hands-on and in close contact with the final product. We are open-minded, transparent, pragmatic, result oriented and people centric. Teamwork is at the heart of how we work together and our co-workers share the same fundamental values: respect, humility, reactivity and autonomy with a passion for technical excellence.

Written and spoken communication is in French and English.

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  • Vernon, Normandie, France
Vernon Factory


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