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Our mission

MaiaSpace's mission is to design, develop and operate the first European mini-launch vehicle with a reusable first stage.

MaiaSpace's two-stage launcher is scheduled to make its maiden flight at the end of 2025, and enter commercial service in 2026. The project will be based on key technologies developed by ArianeGroup on behalf of the European Space Agency. These include the Prometheus® engine, a propulsion solution fuelled by liquid biomethane and liquid oxygen, and reusability demonstration technologies from which MaiaSpace's first stage will be derived.

With its optional kick-stage and 3.5-metre nose cone, MaiaSpace will offer extensive and flexible space launch and mobility services.



Our Ambition is to shape in a collaborative manner the future of European reusable and eco-responsible launch and space transportation capability


We have a well defined project roadmap, based around incremental product development and frequent testing.

Structure 🧬

We work in friendly multi-disciplinary teams, following Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Teamwork 🤝

Teamwork is at the heart of how we work together. We address the technical challenges together, sharing the same fundamental values that facilitate team communication whilst respecting individual points of view and freedom of expression.

Diversity 🌈

MaiaSpace has grown to more than an hundred employees, of 10 different nationalities and average age 36, over the past 12 months and planned to double in size again by end of 2023, increasing cultural, social and gender diversity.


"We can easily access our CEO, even all the people in the company, either to put our questions to them or to seek advice from them. You don't find that in just any company."

Frédéric PAULIAC, architect Upper Stage

"I'm convinced that this company is special, with more than 10 different nationalities coming together and 25% female representation, but above all we place sustainability among our highest values."

Laura APPOLINI, System Architect

"MaiaSpace is a project on a human scale, with an atmosphere and effervescence that remind me of the experimental rocket clubs of my youth. I've never experienced anything like it in my 20-year career."

Badr RMILI, Avionics & EGSE Architect

How we hire

Our hiring process is thorough, to ensure we make the right decision and to help you to decide if we're the right fit for you.

Getting to know you

In the first call, let our recruiter learn about you and your story to check a potential fit to MaiaSpace. This is also a chance for you to ask first questions about the role and company.

Technical's interview

During this interview, you'll have the opportunity to go into more detail about the job description and the role you could play in one of our teams.

Final Interview

You made it to the very last stage! Here we already strive to cooperate with you, and give you an opportunity to discuss with one member of our direction or another person of youre probably future team!